The Quarashi Network monthly activity report includes a list of developments that have taken place in the last month.

Also note that Quarashi presale starts on 01.08.2021 and it’s public, you can also participate in it.

The whitelist for presale is open on our website until 31.07.2021.

The allocations for presale are: 0.1 min — 0.5 max ETH, 0.01–0.03 max BTC, min 200–1000 max USDT.

The team also developed the ICO Sales Module in the website with no third-party integration, smart contract interactor, to lower fees on Quarashi Presale.

Quarashi is working to ensure your safety and privacy are observed…

Petre Alexandru

Became engaged in Cryptocurrency market ever since 2014 and started his activity with mining.

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