Earn Quarashi tokens while you sleep!

4 min readApr 28, 2022

How to stake Quarashi (QUA) tokens using Quarashi Wallet/Metamask/TrustWallet

This article covers everything you need to know about staking Quarashi tokens for dual chain ERC20 & BEP-20.

To start staking QUA: you must have a minimum amount of 5–6$ in the same wallet address of BNB for BEP-20 or ETH for ERC-20 for gas fees depending on the network you choose to stake.

How is staking working? What are the rewards?

There are 3 periods of staking with different rewards percentages

QUA Staking Rewards:

▫️ 1 Month — 6.6% APY — — 💰 0.55% Monthly

▫️ 6 Months — 15% APY — -💰 1.25% Monthly

▫️ 12 Months — 39.29% APY — -💰 2.80% Monthly

The daily staking rewards are calculated and displayed in the dashboard after 24h.

Information Displayed in the dashboard after the first stake was made:

  • Your QUA added amount for each of the initial stake
  • Staking period · 1 month · 6 months · 12 months
  • Staking start date/end date
  • Your total rewards QUA rewards until that moment (updating daily on each 24h)
  • Balance if unstaked now : represents the QUA amount that you will receive in case of unstaking in that moment.

In case of UNSTAKING the tokens before the finishing date : the smart contract will deliver the QUA rewards tokens staked until that moment, minus a percent as penalty fee of the initial staking amount based on the selected period if you choose to early unstake.

Unstake before the term & Penalty Fees:

Penalty Fee if you unstake before the staking period is finalized:

▫️ 1 Month — 1% of the initial Staking Amount

▫️ 6 Months — 3% of the initial Staking Amount

▫️ 12 Months — 8% of the initial Staking Amount

How many times I can add into staking?

You are not limited: you may create unlimited multi stakings, for any kind of period of time 1/6/12 months.

How do I claim the rewards when the staking is finalized?

After the staking is completed, “CLAIM” button will show up instead of “UNSTAKE NOW”.

Simply press on “CLAIM” and the initial staking balance + rewards will come directly into your wallet address after 60 seconds, be sure that you have BNB or ETH for gas fees for the chosed network.

The claim of the rewards will happen only one time, at the end of the period when staking is finalized.

If in the staking dashboard the selected staking is still showing up with “UNSTAKE NOW” button it means that it’s not finalized ( in case of pressing it, you will get penalized).

How to Stake QUA ?

Using Quarashi Wallet:

Download or Update Quarashi Wallet at the latest version from Google Play

  1. Navigate in Quarashi Wallet, Select Menu, Staking

2. Select Your QUA holding network

3. Select Period of Staking

4. Enter Amount

5. Press Stake

How to stake using Metamask / Trust Wallet via Web:

Double check that you are on the correct staking page : https://quarashi.network/staking

  1. Wallet Connect

2. Select Your QUA holding network

3.Select Period of Staking

4.Enter the amount you wish to stake

5.Press Stake

More about Quarashi:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuarashiN

Website: https://quarashi.network

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/QuarashiNetwork/

Telegram : https://t.me/quarashinetworkofficial