How to bridge your Quarashi tokens between chains using Metamask and Trust Wallet

4 min readJun 24, 2022


In this step by step tutorial we will explain to you how to bridge your QUA between ERC-20/BEP-20 chains.

A blockchain bridge, otherwise known as a cross-chain bridge, connects two blockchains and allows users to send cryptocurrency from one chain to the other.


  • Minimum amount of BNB 0.009 BNB for gas fees + 200 QUA for bridge fees + 1000 QUA Minimum amount that you wish to bridge — in case of bridging from BEP20 to ERC20
  • Minimum amount of Ethereum 0.009 ETH for gas fees + 200 QUA for bridge fees + 1000 QUA minimum amount that you wish to bridge — in case bridging from ERC to BEP20


If you wish to move from Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) to Ethereum Chain (ERC-20) 800 QUA : you need to have 1000 QUA + BNB for gas fees in wallet in order to receive 800 QUA on the other blockchain.

Network Selection:
Choose the correct swap network from the interface before connecting wallet, depending on which chain you choose to bridge. If you are bridging from ERC-20 into BEP-20 the chosen network from Metamask should be Ethereum

How to bridge your QUA using Metamask Browser Extension:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on your Metamask Browser Extension and press the connect button and synchronize the wallet address where your QUA is located

3. After selecting your Metamask address, press on the “Connect Wallet” button in the Quarashi bridge interface, a popup will appear, choose Metamask

4a. Input the amount of QUA that you want to bridge

4b. Input destination address even if the address is the same

4c. Press on Approve and wait for confirmation, Metamask will pop up to confirm.

The confirmation will take around 60 seconds.

5. After the confirmation is made, press on “SWAP” Button, Metamask will popup again for the transfer confirmation.
Press the confirm button in Metamask, the blockchain swap will be complete in 60 seconds.

How to bridge your QUA using Trust Wallet:

  1. Navigate into Trust Wallet Settings and verify if the wallet is Multi Wallet, if the wallet is not displayed as multi wallet, reimport the same seed using Multi Wallet option.

2. Go to dapps and navigate to

3. Scroll down on the bridge page and press “Connect Wallet

4. Select Wallet Connect

5. Choose the Network, if you wish to bridge from ERC-20 to BEP-20 select Ethereum network, if you wish to bridge from BEP-20 to ERC-20 choose the Smart Chain Network and press Connect

6. Press on 1

7. Select Networks you choose to bridge QUA tokens, in this example we will use from Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 into Ethereum Chain

8. Input the Quarashi Amount to bridge, minimum 1000 QUA.
9. Input the destination address, even if it’s the same

10. Press the “Approve” button and wait for confirmation

11. After the approval is finalized, press SWAP, the tokens will be transferred in 60 seconds on the other chain.

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