Quarashi Network Completes Key Development Landmarks Q1 2022

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4 min readApr 14, 2022

In the fast-paced world of crypto and blockchain, there are many projects that come and go. Normally announced with a big fanfare and touted as the next big thing, there are far more crypto and blockchain projects that fail than succeed. However, for us, the team, the story only goes from great to amazing.

Quarashi is aiming to become the core network for cryptocurrency adopters, both for individuals and for businesses alike. The all-inclusive and all-encompassing ecosystem will provide one-stop shop access to the crypto space, which means that users do not have to switch from one platform to another to access a particular service.

Quarashi Wallet at this moment includes different kind of services : non-custodial wallet with support for over 13,000 cryptocurrencies from 9 networks support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Huobi, Klaytn, GoChain, Harmony, Fantom, to SWAP for 6 networks, Liquidity Pools for 6 networks, NFTs storage and management across 9 networks, VPN and Incognito Browser and a end-to-end secured chat messaging module.

We completed another set of key developments, and we will continue to eat up the road map like a hungry Pac-MAN. Already, over the last couple of quarters, some key security developments and features have been completed which will only add value and interest for Quarashi Wallet on the long term.

Recently we completed a Smart Contract Audit with Certik and Token and Vesting Audits with Coinscope.

With security, privacy and anonymity in focus, we have implemented this month a number of other features that enhance its status.

Our main goal is to become one of the most secure and private crypto ecosystems available anywhere in the world.

This month, we significantly enhanced the security in Quarashi Wallet:

Added Root Detection — This detects whether the device is rooted or not and is essential to ensuring that your apps only execute in a secure environment not jailbroken

Added a Signing Scheme V2 — is a whole-file signature scheme that increases verification speed and strengthens integrity guarantees by detecting any changes to the protected parts of the APK

Added SSL Pinning — Restricting the set of trusted certificates through pinning prevents potential hackers and attackers from analyzing the functionality of the app and the way it communicates with the server.

Fixed a potential bypass for PIN Verification — Enhanced top-level security.

Added Code Obfuscation — This important security feature prevents reverse engineering techniques that rely on static analysis of the code

Added Biometric protection - you can unlock your wallet faster with fingerprint or face recognition technology than using a PIN

Already in the works and being developed, are a number of new features and enhancements that should only further cement the Quarashi Wallet

In the pipeline for the coming quarters are some exciting additions that include:

  • Hacken Wallet Penetration Audit
  • Quarashi Wallet V2 Desktop + Mobile
  • Token Multi Sender WebVersion + V2deci Wallet Version: ERC-20/BEP-20/FTM/Polygon/AVAX
  • NEW Dynamic Staking smart contract QUA token Web UI — Metamask / Trust Wallet
  • NEW Dynamic Staking smart contract QUA token Quarashi Wallet
  • Quarashi Bridge Audit CoinScope
  • Quarashi Staking Audit CoinScope
  • Quarashi Markets Overview — Desktop + Mobile
  • Development Cross Chains & Multi Chains for 6 Networks
  • Interoperability — Quarashi token Bridge Deployment ERC-20 / BEP 20 — Web version
  • Wallet Creation by seed 12–24 Words
  • Wallet Import by seed 12–24 Words
  • Seed Import Word Helper
  • Store & Manage your NFTs on 9 Ethereum, Polygon, Binance + Other 6 MAJOR NETWORKS!

As the privacy and safety debate rage on, people’s personal freedoms and the security of crypto, are under the spotlight more than ever before. We think that the need for a fully secure, private, anonymous and encompassing ecosystem has never been so great as it has now. Crypto adoption globally continues to increase, but trust and peace of mind are still holding many people back from immersing themselves in the digital world.

Meanwhile, in an age where one’s digital footprint is under heightened scrutiny, our plan for Quarashi Wallet is to keep things simple and offer a level of security, anonymity and privacy within its ecosystem that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

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