Quarashi Network Monthly Activity Report

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3 min readJul 13, 2021

The Quarashi Network monthly activity report includes a list of developments that have taken place in the last month.

Also note that Quarashi presale starts on 01.08.2021 and it’s public, you can also participate in it.

The whitelist for presale is open on our website until 31.07.2021.

The allocations for presale are: 0.1 min — 0.5 max ETH, 0.01–0.03 max BTC, min 200–1000 max USDT.

The team also developed the ICO Sales Module in the website with no third-party integration, smart contract interactor, to lower fees on Quarashi Presale.

Quarashi is working to ensure your safety and privacy are observed and completely protected. Therefore in order to comply with the AML legislation, we implemented the know-your-customer (KYC) policy.

In our efforts to continuously ensure we improve our services for the benefit of our users, the Quarashi team has been working tirelessly to bring a lot of changes to the Quarashi mobile app before publishing it.

MVP Quarashi Wallet submitted to Google Play Store:

The first version of the wallet was finally submitted to Google Play Store, in the next few days, version 1.0.0 will be approved on Mainnet.

This month, the team worked continuously to update the app, searched/repaired major bugs, in the Quarashi DApp.

The release of the Quarashi app on Google Play in Q3 which was set for Q4 in Roadmap has become one of the best reasons for the network’s improvements.

Please note that app publishing takes around 15 days.

Nonetheless, the original features are still intact, and function even much better. The upgraded features include:

· Send/Receive Ethereum/Tokens in Quarashi App

· Price Graphics per 24h, week, month, year

· Verification Transaction Hash

· Sending Gas Limit Chooser

· Sending Notifications

· Pin Added

This is the first version of the Quarashi dapp, meanwhile we will keep continuously developing and publishing new updates monthly in the app, so new modules/modifications will be appear monthly.

Quarashi has also conducted this month the Smart Contract Security Audit with Callisto Network.

Callisto Network is a leading blockchain ecosystem featuring a smart contract auditing department and privacy protocol among other features.

Additionally, the Quarashi Network whitepaper has been translated into 6 languages to expand our reach to the global community. The whitepaper is now available in English, German, Korean, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

We also requested Quarashi token details in Etherescan & Coingecko with all company details available on LinkedIn, Reddit, Medium, Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.

A new module added in the roadmap for developing 2022: Airdrops

Activity Report in the Privacy Chat section

• Q Chat development started

• Register / Login Anonymous (username and password)

• Developed Chat Rooms

• Added End to End Encryption

• Implemented Chat Screen


• Encrypted connection between Chat and Wallet

• Implementing Quarashi Token in Quarashi Chat

The Quarashi Chat you can experience your activity more safely. Creating such an atmosphere is very interesting for people who care about their privacy.

Privacy does not necessarily mean that you are hiding something, it is about protecting your personal information. It’s a fundamental right, and you don’t need to prove the necessity of fundamental rights to anyone.

That’s’s why governments offen seek to tighten data privacy laws to protect the personal data of their citizens.

Moreoverm staying safe online can help protect your identity and those of your loved ones, and keep you off risks like theft.

Activity Report in the Community section

The Quarashi community has been able to grow well this month, with 4000+ members on Telegram and 4400+ followers on Twitter.

These improvements will continue and in the coming months, you will see more and more important activities from the Quarashi network.

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