Quarashi Network Monthly Activity Report — September 2021

Dear Quarashians,

⚙️ The following developments have been completed in the 1.09.-30.09.2021 timeframe:

✔️ Airdop Module design finalized;

✔️ Menu added in Quarashi Network mobile app;

✔️ Wallet Speed increased by 50%;

✔️ Multisig Bridge is live at https://bridge.quarashi.network/

Quarashi token is now on both Ethereun and Binance Smart Chain. When you move 1Qua from Erc-20, it get’s locked in a relayer and it’s swapped on Bep-20 Network.

The tokens sent from Ethereum will be locked in a smart contract in Ethereum and released on Binance Smart Chain.

✔️ Smart Contract is verified with social proof updated on BscScan.

✔️The Quarashi Network VPN & Incognito Browser, the 4th module is released and already used by our holders / adopters.

➡ Accessible only to our holders, Layer 2 of Security and Privacy, operates in background, always protecting your phone, even when the mobile application is not used.

✔️New Wallet Design finalized ( will be implemented by the end of the year).

✔️ Audit for the Vesting Contract was conducted by Callisto Network, available below 👇 https://gist.github.com/yuriy77k/5c760a46a5eeba968dab6b7e3cf64864

➡ Certainty of the execution of contractual obligation visible to all network participants.

➡ Transparency of contractual obligations and their results and implications such as to be present and therefore pre-understood by all participants of the Blockchain.

➡ Immutability of recorded transactions and therefore the inability to modify or cancel the contract.

➡ Possibility of finding an agreement in the absence of trust, replacing trust traditionally placed in intermediaries and between the parties themselves, with the trust placed exclusively in the code and in the network of the Blockchain.

✔️ Media feature in Business Insider 👇 https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/quarashi-network-is-launching-a-platform-that-provides-its-users-with-full-privacy-and-anonymity-1030787412

✔️ Whitepaper updated 👉 Quarashi_Whitepaper.pdf

✔️ New design for website, pending implementation

✔️ Quarashi Network social networks and communities keep increasing Twitter +36000 Followers, Telegram Chanel +7500 members

✔️Quarashi Network wallet has been downloaded by almost 10000 users and installed by +6000

Download Quarashi Network Wallet, Chat & VPN app 👇




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