The Quarashi Network: The Chat App Revolutionizing Privacy, Security, and Anonymity of Users

9 min readJul 1, 2021

There is no doubt that social media has taken over the world in the last decade. It’s now easier to access both public and private details about people’s lives like never before. While there are people who are more than willing to release more information about themselves to the digital world, there are those who prefer to protect their personal information away from public access. With the advancement in technological innovations, our personal details are becoming more publicly accessible online. Although there people who don’t mind sharing their personal details online, there’s a substantial number who prefer to remain private and anonymous. More people are looking to use applications that put the privacy and anonymity of users as their #1 priority.

The latter has prompted the emergence of anonymous chat apps everywhere in recent times. These apps are promising to connect users without revealing their identities. Quarashi Network is one of those apps with a complete suite of solutions platforms focused on providing users with full privacy and anonymity.

What is Quarashi?

Quarashi is the first decentralized chat app that is 100% private and anonymous that does not store any of its user’s data whatsoever. Quarashi Network’s core element is a system that guarantees private and anonymous chat, multi-crypto wallet & exchange, IDO platform- all powered by the Quarashi Network Utility Token, QUA.

As a user of Quarashi, the message you send is guaranteed end-to-end encryption. The powerful algorithm that governs communication on the Quarashi app ensures no one can access your message and may need at least 2 years and a supercomputer to achieve that feat. The messages on Quarashi are deleted automatically 1 hour after you’re done reading them.

What problem is Quarashi solving?

Over the last few years, a lot of chat apps have emerged to give users the desired anonymity as they chat across the platforms. But one thing that has eluded most of these applications is the issue of security. There is a growing security issue with the use of bots in anonymous chat apps, as has been witnessed with mainstream brands such as Telegram. These apps are not immune to security breaches. For example, when Telegram enabled the use of bots in 2015, it allowed users to embed them in chats or public channels for a specific purpose such as the ability to produce memes or accept payments. To implement the much-anticipated Telegram bot, all a user needed was to add them in his or her chats or channels in the same way you’d add a friend. While these additions have become highly popular with users of the app, the question of security has been a nagging one. Certainly, the feature brings with it security concerns.

The challenge with these Telegram bots is that they lack foolproof encryption found in Telegram. It means that a user can pay a heavy price by adding an anonymous bot to their chat because it means they increase the likelihood of third-party infringement. The result is compromised security. Although research shows that the risks with Telegram bots have significantly reduced, there’s a high likelihood of some sophisticated hackers getting access to your messages if you use the bots for anonymous communication.

The most logical for using such an app is to avoid adding bots to your Telegram chats. However, as part of group chat, this isn’t possible because other users in the same groups may still add bots to your group, which may still compromise your data security, albeit indirectly.

This tribulation is shared by all those self-proclaimed anonymous chat apps. In a nutshell, even the most established anonymous chat apps are not 100% secure, because you’re likely to leave your data vulnerable as you use the app. This is why Quarashi, powered by blockchain technology, has managed to decentralize all users’ data to a point that each user has full control of what they share online. Moreover, the platform has an outstanding anonymous and privacy protocol with the help of high-level encryption to ensure users get the best of both worlds. With the feature of messages self-deleting an hour after reading, Quarashi has set the pace rolling to ensure that users do not just remain anonymous but also secure as well.

What Sets Quarashi Apart?

Quarashi chat app has some special features that set it apart from other chat apps in the market today.

Complete privacy & anonymity

Many chat apps have struggled to design a completely private messaging app to provide full functionality with no compromise. This is because they still store data and fail to create foolproof encryption to ensure that such data are fully protected.

The popularity of the Quarashi chat app is in its ability to connect users without revealing their identities. The anonymous chat app provides users with the perfect platform to securely share their private information without an iota of worries about possible hacking that may compromise your personal data.

Although most anonymous chat apps have indicated that privacy and anonymity are their top priority as far as protecting users’ data, these apps may end up selling user data to corporates, who in turn use the information mostly for marketing. This is where Quarashi is different. This private and anonymous chat app will never store your private info such as email addresses, phone numbers, and contacts. What’s more? They will never ask you to grant access to your microphone, or the GPS location of your device. The only information the app stores is your username, which is also not merged or connected with your wallet.

Well, it does seem ironic that you want your identity hidden after you disclose every personal information about yourself. But there is also that assured comfort when you know that the app will not mine your confidential conversations and information to accomplish their own business or political objectives.

Quarashi Multi Crypto wallet & Exchange

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency and blockchain are revolutionizing how we do things today. Although many centralized chat apps are embracing cryptocurrency and blockchain, decentralized, peer-to-peer chat apps like Quarashi are coming up strongly to curve a market niche.

Quarashi ecosystem is complete with a multicurrency and crypto-assets wallet solution that ensures users can safely manage, send & receive, exchange, and buy crypto using VISA/MasterCard secure. The platform ensures your digital assets are stored directly into the blockchain. One of the most important competitive advantages of Quarashi is that it doesn’t store any information about your digital assets or even ask for your private keys. The platform is designed to ensure your rights as a user are protected, thus allows you to take full control of your data.

Complete decentralization

Through the IDO listings, the app creators envisaged a platform under the full control of its users. The developers have given fair chances to every investor interested in the platform. Quarashi IDO Platform ensures there is fairness and capital maximization to ensure users get the best IDO experience. Combined with its unmatched privacy and anonymity protocol, the Quarashi network is the most secure chat app you can ever find in the market today, giving users the power to control the use of their data. Powered by its 100% secure multicurrency wallet, the Quarashi team truly did not consider privacy and anonymity as an extra feature but a core part of their development plan and roadmap. In other words, users taking full control of their personal data is the foundation and the irrevocable core upon which the project has been built.

Completely hidden history

The chats on Quarashi are not just private but also hides all your chat history. Most chat apps do not have this feature as anyone who accesses your smartphone can read your chat history. However, with Quarashi Network, all your messaging history is hidden, and the messages are completely out of reach by unauthorized third parties.

No trackers, ads, or backups

While most chat apps will prompt you to back up your messages, Quarashi will never store your sensitive data and personal info where it shouldn’t be stored in the first place. Once certain data is deleted, it’s gone forever. Moreover, Quarashi does not allow ads or trackers because these features are known for compromising your personal data.

Quarashi for business communication

With these powerful features, it’s not surprising that Quarashi is becoming popular with businesses that want to see their communication remains anonymous, private, and secure.

Before we delve into the reason why businesses should use an anonymous chat app such as Quarashi, let’s take a quick look at the so-called encrypted chat apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. These chat apps are private but not anonymous, hence you can easily identify every user who sends you a message, and they can also identify you from their end. It means that these chat apps are private, but not anonymous.

Honest customer feedback

An anonymous chat app such as Quarashi will allow customers to chat or email through secure channels to your business, hence hiding their real identity including real name and contact. You can easily chat under an anonymous email address or alias to completely hide your identity with a business, thus giving your honest opinion without fear of judgment. Businesses can get more honest feedback if the respondents are assured of anonymity. A study has shown that customers are more likely to give honest feedback when there is a “lack of accountability for what they said and lack of connection to their real-world identity.

Security of customers

Quarashi does not take and store your information, so even if a hacker accesses your chat information (which is highly unlikely), they can do nothing with such information. Such data become useless to them, and therein lies the beauty of complete anonymity. The principle behind this approach is that anonymity isn’t about hiding but using technology to ensure very little personal or sensitive information is shared online to protect users and increase honesty in business relationships.

Security of the corporate entities

In May 2020, Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, a prominent law firm with many high-profile client rosters including musicians Lady Gaga and Drake, were hacked following a cyber-attack. It was reported that the hackers gained access to data worth 756 gigabytes. Among the compromised data was highly sensitive information, including contracts and personal emails of clients. Hackers demanded a colossal amount of money to keep the data private.

Had the case involved the use of an anonymous chat app such as Quarashi by the law firm, the hackers couldn’t have managed to intimidate the law firm since the data would be rendered useless. The reason is that the hackers would have not figured out the identities of the clients or anyone in the chat data.

Corporate security is an important principle that many business entities are considering. As with many corporate businesses, anonymous chats will provide them with a perfect platform to conceal the identities of business contacts, corporate personalities, public figures, journalists and their sources, celebrities, etc. These corporate entities can use secure communication channels such as Quarashi to ensure no sensitive information is shared out there or hacked by malicious entities. Even if someone manages to access such chats, they’d still not know the sender or recipient, hence the parties involved remain completely secure.


Quarashi network is powered by its native digital currency, QUA- an Ethereum-based ERC-20 deflationary, fairly issued, and fully transparent digital currency. The network is built to ensure users can chat privately, securely, and anonymously. While most chat apps claim to have achieved anonymity, they are have compromised on security and privacy of the users. Quarashi has managed to achieve these three important features, thanks to the power of blockchain technology. Quarashi network is 100% private, secure and anonymous. These strong credentials have made the app favorable to both individual and corporate entities. Investors have also seen its growth potential, hence increased interest in the entire Quarashi ecosystem, including the QUA token, the secure wallet & exchange and IDO Platform.

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